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As TechInput continues to grow and expand we are recruiting full-time translation project coordination managers, editors and translators.
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DTP Specialists & Designers
Vendor managers
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What we do

In today’s globalized market intelligent, quick and clear translation has become an essential precondition for addressing the operational, commercial and economic challenges facing business. We employ professional linguists and industry experts, including native speakers of foreign languages, who provide immaculate translation and interpretation of any degree of complexity.
Our areas of expertise
Engineering and Construction
Transport and Logistics
Chemical Industry
Banking & Finance

Our projects

Sakhalin-2 oil platform
Sakhalin-2 oil platform
pages translated
documents, plans, tables, diagrams, graphic
languagues in use
English, Russian, German, Bulgarian, Spanish
It was in 2009 when I joined the team of freelancers working for TechInput. At that time, I worked in one of the first Russia – U.S. JVs in the upstream sector, so it was only natural to choose an agency specializing in translations for oil and gas industry. With its team of competent editors and seasoned freelancers the agency is providing high-quality translation services to many requestors in Russia and abroad, most of whom are E&P companies and new LNG projects.
Vadim Kopylov

Our projects

Sakhalin-1 oil platform
Sakhalin-1 oil platform
pages translated
specifications, project papers, diagrams, news, marketing materials
languages in use
English, Russian
As a professional translator/interpreter with 25 years of experience in the field and a 5-year history of collaborating with TechInput, I recognize TechInput as the leading player on the language services market. I appreciate the opportunities TechInput offers to be involved in major energy projects where cutting-edge technologies are developed. I recommend TechInput as a service provider with extensive technical expertise, available to complete the most challenging technical translation tasks.
Anton Dudayev

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As TechInput continues to grow and expand we are recruiting full-time translation project coordination managers, editors and translators. Prospective members of our team must be well educated and literate all-rounders – attentive specialists who are willing to learn and able to work to deadlines. We also welcome qualified translators interested in working on a freelance basis. We guarantee professional development and fulfilment of your creative ambitions.

Send us your CV using the form above, indicating your translation pairs (English - Russian or other) and areas of specialization (oil & gas, construction, contracts, finance etc.) TechInput guarantees the confidentiality and protection of all information submitted for translation. Our employees work on a protected server and sign agreements on the confidentiality and non-disclosure of client information.

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